Essential Guidelines for Flying Phoenix Qigong Practice:
Using the Chi Kung for Health DVD series

Guidelines For Practice

Welcome to Chi Kung For Health. You are about to use a most wonderful yogic discipline to discover and develop the internal energy (ch'i) of your body. The Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditations is a medical chi kung system developed more than 400 years ago by a legendary Taoist alchemist and healer, Feng Tao Teh of Ehrmei Mountain in the Szechuan province of China. The ancient techniques contained in this video instruction have been impeccably preserved by six generations of a Taoist martial and healing arts lineage.
The Flying Phoenix Qigong exercises are presented in this video series exactly as they have been taught and practiced through the ages. By simply following the instructions presented in this program, you will experience the energy cultivation process known as chi-kung. Moreover, you will experience the unique healing effects of the Flying Phoenix Celestial Energy that is rapidly induced by these exercises. The energizing and rejuvenating effects brought about by this practice have been described by students as profound and ineffable. Each individual practitioner has his or her own unique experience of this alchemic process. All who have properly practiced these exercises on a regular basis discover that the energizing effects and health benefits of this Chi Kung practice are repeatable and verifiable.

For best results in practicing the Flying Phoenix Meditations, follow these important guidelines:

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