Professional Reviews of T'ai Chi for Health Videos

These programs are the most widely used teaching tapes on t'ai chi and have been rated the best of their genre by leading authorities in health and fitness, physical educators, top health journals, national video and film boards of review, and librarians:

Both programs: (1989) 120 MIN.

Combining narration about the philosophy of the amrtial art T'ai Chi along with step-by-step instruction in each tape for its respective subject, these two programs share the same prefatory material with the Yang Long Form consisting of 108 steps, and the Yang Short Form comprising 49 steps. The instructor is martial art expert and teacher Terence Dunn, who talks about the health and spiritual benfits of T'ai Chi, conducts warm-up and breathing exercises, covers the three basic postures, and outlines the five principles of T'ai Chi before demonstrating the actual forms. For many, the names of the movements are a delight in themselves ("Pick Up Needle on Sea Bottom," and "Part the Wild Horse's Mane," for example). Good background music, fine camerawork (including a running insert to show each position from a different angle) and slow and precise instruction make these programs easy to watch and follow. Highly recommended. --VIDEO LIBRARIAN. Vol.5, No.5

T'AI CHI FOR HEALTH with Terry Dunn: Yang Long Form & Yang Short Form

For the person seriously interested in this gentle Chinese martial art, these tapes provide detailed instructinos in performing all the classical moves and postures. Terence Dunn, a practitioner and instructor with 22 years of experience and a filmmaker, provides in the Short Form a t'ai chi sequence that lasts eight to ten minutes to execute (the Long Form version is a 20-minute routine). Each tape defines T'ai Chi and provides insight into its development, benefits, and philosophy. this is discussed as a practitioner demonstrates the routine in it entirety; bvoth tapes have this feature. Then Dunn begins with an extensive warm-up, followed by step-by-step instructions for the routines. Both versions contain a window that simultaneously provides a diffrent camera angle. In both versions, a musical sound track composed by Vangelis (chariots of Fire) accompanies the exercises. These videotapes provide support for students in formal classes as well as allow the curious viewer to see what T'ai Chi Ch'uan is all about. --Steven J. Mayover, Free Library of Philadelphia, in LIBRARY JOURNAL, June 15, 1990.

T'AI CHI FOR HEALTH: The Yang Short Form

T'ai Chi, an "internal" martial art that emphasizes circular fluid movements, is said to promote health, spiritual growth, and tranquility. Opening with a hypnotic seashore performance of the Yang short Form and a brief explanation of the history and philsophy of the discipline, this video then goes on to describe and demonstrate each of the 37 postures. Full-figure shots of veteran instructor Terry Dunn are augmented with inserts and close-ups. Dunn maintain viewer interest with his verbal imagery, clear instructions, and added philosophical notes. A companion to this no-frills production is the Yang Long Form, which demonstrates 108 postures. Adult. -- Candace Smith, BOOKLIST.


Reviews of T'AI CHI FOR HEALTH videos by Terry Dunn's students in California:

T'ai chi has been the only exercise I've found--and I've tried them all (!)--that relieves the stress and tension that I bring home from work. I haven't felt better in my life. Your tape is a great complement to your teaching. -- Robert Barry, President Barry Designs, Beverly Hills, CA

I've thorougly enjoyed withing with your videos. They are excellent in quality of teaching and very artistic. Your video has gotten me committed to seeking a teacher to practice seriously everyday. -- Gregory Stebbins, Management Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Terry, I have used your T'ai Chi tapes with great success in my work helping the disabled to regain their physical functioning. I am an occupational therapist working with stroke and head-injured patients. My patients like the approach so much that I am developing a funded "t'ai chi therapy" program at our clinic. -- Lisa Langer, Sands Point, NY

...Your t'ai Chi lessons on video has helped me to gain better control over the stress in my life. thank you for your nice work. -- Lt. Gary Hall, Narcotics Division, LAPD

Terry, I can't tell you how much t'ai Chi ch'uan has contributed to my life. It's a fabulous art and health discipline which greatly relieves thestress in my career, and it has even enhanced my craft of acting by imparting greater poise, concentration, and spontaneity. Great stuff. -- Tate Donovan, actor, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Terry, I enjoy your t'ai chi for Health on video almost everyday. it's helped my practice greatly and I recommend it to all my friends and colleagues. I have written papers on this remarkable health practice to urge serious reserarch of its benefits by western medical science. Thank you again for a great job. -- Olgart Dalbert, M.D., Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA

I've found T'ai Chi to be a great meditation to balance the stress of everyday--and the perfect complement to a dancer's life. Thank you for your fine videos. They're a first! They are beautiful and very professionally done. -- Jodi Wintz, Ballet Coach, ex-Joffrey Co.



***** Good source for exercise and relaxation, June 10, 2007

Reviewer: Donald C. Rees -

I tried out the VHS version, while recovering from surgery that preempted my usual exercise routine. I was so impressed with the straightforward presentation of the warm-ups that Mr. Dunn demonstrates and later the various Tai Chi forms, that I purchased the DVD. I am glad I did- now that I have recovered; I still use the video to supplement my daily exercises.


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***** Like Having a Grand Master in your living room, January 5, 2007

Reviewer: John Passacantando (Virginia) -

Terry Dunn's "how to" video is terrific. I have his "Tai Chi" short form on video and now on DVD. A sweetness and wisdom come right through. This guy really knows his stuff and he knows how to teach. He's also right when he says to only use the instructional tape as a supplement to a real teacher, but this tape is an invaluable backup and tool for practicing at home.  John


***** surprisingly challenging and wonderful, June 8, 2007

Reviewer:   Alex Grayson "Alex" (Los Angeles, CA) -

When I decided to begin studying and practicing Tai Chi, of course I first looked for a good school where I could go and get the benefit of a really good hands on teacher/class experience. I'm still looking because I know that's terribly important with something as complex as Tai Chi, but in the meanwhile I just really wanted to get started. My stepfather used to have these Terry Dunn sessions on VHS so I called to ask him about them and whether he'd recommend that for me - and whether I should start with short or long form. My ego thought long form sounded "cooler" but I'm glad he convinced me to start with this one! So I got it, took it home and watched it through first, which I always do with a new yoga or workout DVD. It seemed kind of bland and dated, in terms of the production value and music, but WHAT Terry had to say was amazing. Still, I wasn't really excited to start because it seemed a bit flat. Boy was I wrong! Once I got off my butt and did the warm up series with him, it was anything but boring. As a matter of fact, I was amazed that even with doing just the warmups I was hot, sweaty (rolling down my legs) and my leg muscles were completely fatigued as though I'd lifted weights for an hour. All the while I was calm, breathing deeply and never felt like I was straining or "working"...just flowing. And this is just the warm up section! I haven't even begun to do the step by step lesson that gets you into learning the actual form. In the warm up he has you do some things that mimick the actual form to get you loose and into your body, then he has you practice in repitition a few moves and stances that are the cornerstones of the form. That's where I got my butt kicked in the nicest possible way. I went to bed completely physically exhausted, but not drained. Just that wonderful feeling of having worked deeply and really enjoying the rest. I woke up this morning refreshed, happy, alert...not tired, sore and out of it like I usually do when I go back to weight training. It's amazing how working with your Chi changes the way the body responds to physicality! This is a wonderful home video with which to familiarize yourself with the basics, have a way to practice and build on actual live classes. I agree with Terry though, you want to use the DVDs as a support for classes, not a replacement. Still, this is a great place to start. As a long time yoga practitioner and Kundalini yoga teacher, I am already impressed with what I've experienced. He really gets you focusing on flow and innner work, so the quivering legs don't bother you! I'm looking forward to doing it again tonight, and going slowly as he suggests, practicing one or two moves for a while before moving on. Tai Chi is a process of learning that takes years to master, but every journey begins with a single step...this is a lovely, informative, safe and fascinating way to take that step.



***** Best martial art instructional videos ever made., March 19, 2007

Gregory Gram "GPG" (Middleton,ID) -

I have been a professional martial arts instructor and pro trainer for 25 years. I have been producing and editing my own videos since 1995. Terry Dunn has been my inspiration. His descriptions of technique are excellent and the production is very professional. I highly recommend his work to anyone wishing to learn tai-chi where there is no instructor available or as a reference to class. GPG Middleton,ID



***** Great video, February 16, 2007

valerie sannino (new york) -

Enormous help in my daily practice. I'm really struggling in my classes and this is a great supplement to that. Easy to follow instructions, loved it!


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 ***** Varry Good., November 1, 2000

 Reviewer: A viewer

I really enjoyed this video! Terence Dunn is a good teacher when it comes to VHS instruction. He explains every move in detail and even has extra camera angles for the hard to learn postures. This is the best tai chi video available. I have to say something about a earlier review of this video. Who ever said this video does not demonstrate real tai chi is misinformed. Terence Dunn is as real as it gets short of getting a Taoist from china to teach you the postures. He is right about it not being complete... 37 postures is just a shortened version. Mr. Dunn does have a Long Form instruction once you learn the short form. But in terms of learning 100% real tai chi ch'uan postures, this video is great for the beginner! I loved it!



*****Real Tai Chi, July 18, 2006

Reviewer : L. Sutton (Seattle, WA) -

This is a DVD for those who have taken "Real" tai chi. Not the kind taught in most gyms or health spas which is just a form of dancing. To take Tai Chi one must learn Qi Qong the two go hand in hand. If you do not focus on mastering the internal aspects of Tai Chi breathing and meditation you are just dancing. So that being said, I have studied this form under a respected master of Tai Chi and I can say the this video is a great companion to taking a real class. This gives you the ability to go home and practice while having a good reference as to how to do the postures correctly. This is not a "workout" video and people who do Tai Chi to "workout" don't understand what this internal form of martial art is all about. Tai Chi takes a life time to master it is not a quick fix for you or your health. If you try to take shortcuts you will not master Tai Chi you will just be dancing and although this may look cool to the uneducated it is not doing you any good. The comment made about the warm up being too long is a sure sign that the person who wrote that does not have the patience to work with Tai Chi. I went to class 3 times a week for over 6 months before I could even progress past the warm up. If you don't have the patience to develop the basics don't bother with the moves because you will be doing them incorrectly and you won't have the stamina needed to do the whole form correctly. Terry Dunn does the forms exactly as the old masters teach them and if they are too difficult for you then go to your gym and take "tai chi dancing" and pretend you are a martial artist. If you have the patience to learn real tai chi then this DVD is a great way to learn it form the ground up


*****T'ai Chi for Health Yang Short Form, May 15, 2007

K. St George (Santa Cruz, CA) -

This is an excellent teaching tool to learn the short form of Yang style.

It goes very slow as it should anyway and easy to follow.

The warm up exercises were new to me and I thought they were excellent. This dvd is good for those who have already taken a class with an instructor in person and want to review what you already know.



*****Excellent Instruction - not a workout video, May 25, 2006

Reviewer: JoT (Corner Cafe, Carrollton, GA) -

This is a VERY low budget production. It doesn't have anyone big for a face draw for funding, so the lack of a set, the mediocre camera management, and the lack of separate takes can be distraction to people who are trying to use this as a workout video. THIS IS NOT A WORKOUT VIDEO. This is an instructional video showing the basic postures of the Yang short-form of T'ai Chi. This is a teaching video, showing postures in time-consuming detail.

If you want a work-out video, there are other T'ai Chi DVD's in production that do follow formats cognizant of the time constraints of a normal workout period. If that's what you're looking for, don't bother with this DVD. However, I must state that this is the BEST VIDEO INSTRUCTION IN T'AI CHI THAT I HAVE EVER FOUND.

Dunn moves extremely slowly through the short form, from warm-up to cool down. The video is a total of two hours long. If you can hold T'ai Chi postures for two hours, you aren't human the way most of us are. The benefit of this style is that he holds his postures, and demonstrates entry and exit to and from each posture several times. This gives you plenty of time to try to get it right. Take everything as slow as he does, otherwise you'll likely miss some aspect of a posture and learn to do it incorrectly, making it even more difficult to learn the correct posture. If you want to really learn a shortened T'ai Chi form for practice without a video guide, I would recommend this video over any other's I have seen.

***** Terry Dunn even better in DVD, August 4, 2005

Reviewer: Lao V -

I have always liked the vhs version I got years ago, and got the DVD when the tape was lost. I especially like the continual playback position by position. The repetition, and not being dragged on through the video before one "gets" a position is just what the learner needs. The same Terry Dunn, the same soothing tone and music, easier to control and follow.


*****Simple is always best!, March 14, 2006

Reviewer: Bruce W. Chenoweth "Bruce Chenoweth" (New Plymouth, ID USA) -

Terence Dunn has created the quintessential short-form Tai Chi instruction for anyone wishing to learn and practice the art. Years ago I studied under a Tai Chi master from Taiwan. Although working with a master has certain other benefits, the instruction given by Terence is clearer and easier to follow than that which I received from the master. Had I had the benefits of both this DVD and the master, I likely would have not become discouraged and discontinued practice. If you have the advantage of working with a master, I recommend that you also use this program to give you a different perspective on the form, and to give you a tireless, omnipresent example to observe.


*****  Superb, January 12, 2005

Reviewer: Compusurge (New York City) -

Tai Chi is one of those art forms that in the end requires a teacher, but this DVD is a superb presentation of the Yang Short Form. With two full presentations of the moves, I found the 'multi-camera angle moves presentation that loop' to be a phenomenal way to understand the complexities of each posture and move. The production features this looping area where each transition point is presented in a fashion that allows you to study it until you're ready to move on. I feel like now, if I take a class, I'll be yards ahead of everyone else. Simply fantastic. That you, Terrence Dunn.


*****Tai Chi for Health, March 11, 2006

Reviewer: Mary Jane Parrish (Easton, PA USA) -

Terry Dunn does an excellent job in breaking down the warm-ups and the Tai Chi form into very easy and understandable segments.


Reviewer: Louis J. Reynolds -

This is a thorough treatment of the Yang short form (37 posture). He cuts no corners and gives great detail on each posture. This is a great supplement to regular Tai Chi class or a great stand-alone study guide.


****Very good DVD, January 6, 2005

Reviewer: K. L. Stone "maeven6" (Texas) - See all my reviews

I am a beginner so I am NOT evaluating this one any other level save a beginner. I had a lot of misgivings about the DVDs in this art. One thing was can they communicate or will they communicate the positions well enough and will it be encouraging enough to help me feel it possible to advance.

This is an excellent DVD & worth what I paid for it. It gives you clear shots of the positions, his technique for helping you through the movements is wonderful. You aren't left feeling like you can never accomplish the proper form position and transition. I will stay with Tai Chi and go to purchase the Yang long form in time. It will be a while there is a lot on this DVD.

Again, I am just a beginner so take it for that.


****Would have been better for DVD, August 15, 2004

Reviewer: lindafmb "Owner, Fit Mind-Body Concepts" (Kent, WA United States) -

This is a very comprehensive tai chi training video. It provides a nice introduction to the background and philosophy of tai chi, with beautiful music and cinematography to compliment Terry's beautiful performance of the form. The instruction sequences are technically accurate, but the mirror image teaching method common to most exercise videos is lacking here, making it hard to follow. True, traditional tai chi always move to the left and is taught with the instructor's back to you, but taping it this way detracts from the effectiveness of the instruction. Because it is such a long tape, it would have been better formatted for DVD, so that users could jump to whichever section they choose. But I've learned a lot about tai chi from it, so I do recommend this as one of several tai chi tapes to include in your personal library.


*****EXCELLENT WORK, TERRY!, October 18, 2002

Reviewer: Lucretia Constantine (Trinidad and Tobago) -

This video gives philosophy, history, warm-ups, basic postures and then goes through the instruction of the form step by step. Terry goes through this process properly and masterfully. Any person with some background in Tai Chi will have no problem understanding this tape. Such a person will also know how to implement other Tai Chi concepts that the tape does not obviously bring out but which Terry aludes to. What this means however is that the total beginner will have a challenge grasping some of the unseen fundamentals that can't be taught on any tape, but which Terry has applied throughout the tape...



***** Great introduction for beginners, June 29, 2002

Reviewer: A viewer

This is my first Tai Chi tape. I learned the whole 37 postures and flow from this tape, great for beginners. It is very basic but good production, no fancy props. Terrance is an excellent instructor giving clear explanation.

For people with normal knees, I think the long warm up with half squat position may hurt their knees. I kind of cheated with short warm up and go to learn the postures directly. When your knees get stronger, you will feel more comfortable.

There is actually a book 'Master Cheng's New Method of Taichi Chuan Self-Cultivation' translated by Mark Hennessy (ISBN 1-883319-92-7) that writes out this exact short form in details. The book really helps me to understand the foot positon and to remember the sequence.

I recommend this tape for Tai chi beginners.


****not a bad tai chi video, February 2, 2001

 Reviewer: A viewer

Mr Dunn has avoided the pitfalls inherent to Tai Chi instruction. The secret to Tai Chi is simple grandmotherly motion. It is as soft as a baby's breath. Imagine a soft cat that curls ridiculously benign upon your lap. A limp torso, CATegorically alive. Mr Dunn achieves this state, or close enough.




****Beginners beware!, November 21, 2000

Reviewer: Sarah Glenn (Lexington, KY USA)

While I found Mr. Dunn's presentation and instruction to be very pleasant and informative, I would warn beginners to take care with the exercises, even the warm-ups. This is especially true if you are new to exercise or have ANY problem with your knees or back.

The beginning of the video shows some larger & older people doing the exercises, but this doesn't mean the viewer should underestimate the strain on their own joints, especially if they are a novice to this sort of exercise. Mr. Dunn may be able to do these exercises without even breathing hard, but it took my partner and I weeks to even get through the warm-up portion of the tape, and we finally gave it up because it was too much for us.

The pain and strain on our joints overrode the advantages, and we feared injuring ourselves if we continued with the video before strengthening our bodies in other ways. If you are in relatively good shape or are young and resilient, this video could be very beneficial to you, but if you are not, please exercise caution with the tape.


*****  Take it slow, but don't give up!, December 17, 2000

Reviewer: Victor Creed (Eau Claire, WI USA)

As a Tae Kwon Do practitioner, I thought I would easily go through the video, no sweat. Wrong! Though I am a young man, and in good health, this art challenged my abilities, as I hoped. While some have complained of joint problems, I believe this may be due to improper stances. One detractor to video instruction is not having an instructor to critique your technique and make modifications to compensate for injuries. The 'pain and strain on our joints' was most likely due to the body constantly being worked in ways it was not used to. Skip a day or two in between training sessions if your body has trouble keeping up with the demands you make of it. Take care to eat right, including more complex carbohydrates and bananas(potassium). Certainly, if your body is not used to strenuous exercise, take it slow. Do not, however, give up, for you will gain nothing! Remember, there are thousands of over-80 Chinamen in better shape than me(20), and Tai Chi did it to them!


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**** Learn Tai Chi From a Video? Sure!, November 18, 2000

Reviewer: A viewer

I'm sure that there is no replacement for good one-on-one instruction from a qualified instructor. In some situations that may not be practical. If you can't get direct instruction, this video is just the ticket. I've seen several Tai Chi instructional videos and this one rates among the best. The videography is crisp and clear. Every nuance of hand and foot positioning can be seen. Terry Dunn's instructional style is very clear and easy to follow. He takes time to go through every technique slowly enough that it can be seen and understood.

If i were trying to keep the bills paid with a Tai Chi school, I would probably join the ranks of critics who say that you can't possible learn good Tai Chi from a video, but I think you can. Certainly, if you are trained in some form of martial art, Terry Dunn's video will be a good introduction to Tai Chi.

One caution, though. Be prepared to invest a lot of time. You will not be able to learn this form in a couple of hours.


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***a good reference, February 21, 2000

Reviewer: Margaret Wilson (Richmond, VA) -

I tried to make this video part of my workout routine, but I couldn't stick with it. The warm up is too long, leaving insufficient time to learn the postures that follow. The frontal view is confusing, and when Terry mixes up his left & right, it doesn't help! It's an intimidating introduction to T'ai Chi, I had difficulty holding the poses long enough for him to get through the explanations.


****  it's a good video, October 27, 2000

Reviewer: earl quinn pridgon (LA, CA) -

I feel that the video is well made and well paced. the warm ups allow a person the set their own pace. the forms (with use of the blessed pause button) are presented with a very good explanation from Mr. Dunn. this tape and the long form tape should be added to anyone's video collection.


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 *****The best of the best, July 25, 2000

 Reviewer: A viewer

This is the best Tai Chi tape that I've seen so far. To get the most out of this tape, you'll need to start slow by learning one or two forms at a time and practice it regularly. I'm glad I bought this tape because without it, I'll be lost trying to learn from books alone. I especially like the beginning where it sets the atmosphere and scenery before delving into the real practice.


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***Helpful and a starting point in Tai Chi, December 24, 1999

Reviewer: William H. Ruland (Royersford, PA) - See all my reviews

A good video for a reference. You can also use it for practice between formal lessons. However, there is no substitute for instruction from an experienced teacher. The group learning dynamics are irreplaceable. Get the instruction first and then this tape can help you.


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 *****The battle dance of life and flow., October 30, 1999

 Reviewer: A viewer

The only thing lacking in this video is special effects and computer graphics. However, it starts overlooking the sea with Terrence Dunn performing the Yang Short Form. Motivational music plays and a voice narrates the philosophy of yin and yang, "The Great Terminus", Taoism, etc. Various shots of the various movements in the form are shown with the sea as background and symbol of the Tao. The form ends and we are shown a shot of "average" people Strumming the Lute and Lifting Hands. Then the slow grueling and flowing dance begins as Mr. Dunn leads us through the 40 odd postures in the form, detail by detail. Finally, a work of art is presented. The entire Yang short Form being presented by Mr. Dunn with a superb musical background. The beauty of this dance is enhanced and we are both informed and entertained. I loved this tape and will one year move on to the Long Form. I must also, before concluding, say that the basics of Qi Gong and the three fundamental stances of Tai Chi are dealt with in detail and are presented as warm-up exercises.


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*****Best TaiCHivideo, December 20, 1999

Reviewer: Grace Hao (Seattle U.S.A.) -

This tape allow you to learn Tai Chi without a live teacher. I am really like it. I have learned the complete Young short forms of Tai Chi within a week. I have been swimming for20+ years, jogging for10+ years, plus biking , hiking, .....

I used to think Tai Chi is too slow to give a good exercises. Now I think it is the best one to balance the mind and body.


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 *****Excellent Tool for Learning T'ai Chi, June 24, 1999

 Reviewer: A viewer

This is the authentic Cheng Man-ch'ing, Yang Short Form; and Terry Dunn does an excellent job of presenting it. I used the tape to supplement my T'ai Chi classes, and now I use it for review and corrections. It includes two different presentations of the form in its entirety; a demonstration and explanation of the basic principles of the T'ai Chi Form; and a sixty minute, step-by-step lesson, with different angles, and (yes!) the titles of each movement appearing on the screen so you can fast forward or rewind to the place in the form you want. It's a great tape on its own, or better still, as a supplement to a good live class.


*****Excellent video for beginners, March 12, 1999

Reviewer: (Milwaukee Wisconsin) -

I am in the position of not having a good tai chi teacher readily available. A friend of mine got me started with Master Chen Man Ching's simplified form and this video is a excellent reference material for me to learn and refine the forms.


21 of 22 people found the following review helpful:

*****The best teaching video I have seen on this style of Tai Chi, May 19, 1998

Reviewer: Brent Boyd ( (San Jose, CA) -

This instructional video shows and teaches the 37-posture Yang style Short Form created by Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing (Terry's teacher, Abraham Liu, was a student of Cheng Man-ch'ing). As with his Long Form tape, this is the best teaching video I have seen on this style of Tai Chi so far. END


*****Complete, simple to understand, with excellent instruction, March 2, 1999

 Reviewer: A viewer

The best thing for me was how simple Terence Dunn made it to learn from this video. I never felt rushed, pushed along, or left behind.

This video offers the full short form, the instructor taking you slowly and thoroughly through the Yang short form in a way that can be easily followed and learned if you are a beginner.

The philosophy and breathing techniques are given, to make a well rounded whole. The stances are taught in a logical easy to understand and learn manner. There is also a full viewing of the Yang short form demonstrated which shows you how it should be done, and the loveliness and grace that can be attained with practice.


 *****Excellent tool for learning and refreshing., January 2, 1999

 Reviewer: A viewer

I have many years of training and exposure to Chinese martial arts, exercise, and philosophy. Terry Dunn's videos for both the long and short forms are very good learning tools. The beginner can get a good grasp of the basics and fundamentals. The more advanced student can glean much from it. I have been using Terry's videos as a reference, refresher, and motivator for close to 10 years. I highly recommend it for beginner or intermediate student.


Date:             Mon, 21 Aug 2006 23:11:18 -0600

From:             LYNETTE TAYLOR <>

Dear Master Dunn,

I recently purchased your Yang Short Form and Yang Long Form DVDs.  I am handicapped and will eventually be wheelchair bound, but for now I am trying to remain as active as I can for as long as is possible.  However, I have done T'ai Chi (fighting style, of course) in the Army years ago and found it to be of great benefit to me.  As I previewed the numerous DVDs out there, I felt that yours were the best in the industry.  My 8- and 10-year-old daughters, my husband, and my 2-year-old grandson have been doing the T'ai Chi with me.  The girls and my husband have a much greater endurance time than I do and I often have to break things up into several sequences or periods during the day.

I am very touchy about my daughters using the DVDs out of fear of them scratching or ruining them.  Since I am not able to be with them at all times, I wondered if I might get permission to have a professional copy service make two copies of each DVD for use in my home with my family only.  I really cannot afford the cost of purchasing the DVDs again, but can get copies made for around 75 cents each.  I would copy them on my burner, but since they are copyrighted, it won't let me burn them.

Again, thank you for putting together a wonderful set of programs that are easy to follow and easy to perform.  I have enjoyed the last three weeks more than any other period of therapy I have been through in the past 15 years.  I have not required as many muscle relaxers or pain relievers over the past three weeks and it has been wonderful.  I have also spent less time in my wheelchair than I have over the past eight years.


Lynette Taylor





***** T’ai Chi for Health: Yang Long Form, instructor, May 9, 2009

This review is from: Tai Chi for Health: Yang Long Form (DVD)

Hello. I gave this DVD a 5, and I think it’s well deserved. I have been studying Tai Chi for a very short time in Denver with a few wonderful instructors, [...] but still need “extra help.”
This video fills the gap perfectly by showing, step by step with an unprecedented clarity, each and every move, one move at a time. The Tai Chi form is set up to play each move over and over again until the viewer presses the “Play” button on the DVD remote. I selfishly thought the video was made just for me, because I have admittedly been having a very hard time recalling the sequences at home while practicing on my own : I need to see the moves over and over again otherwise I’ll never recall them outside of my class. This DVD is the ticket for me, I have no doubt that I’ll learn the Long From as good as anyone thanks to this fine DVD. And, I love the simple settings, and the warm up drills. I could not have found a better DVD to learn Tai Chi from.

Many thanks to Mr. Dunn !
James Denver CO

*****Tai Chi for Health; Yang Long Form - Excellent!, April 13, 2009

By Joan Cooper 

This review is from: Tai Chi for Health: Yang Long Form (DVD)

Terry Dunn does an outstanding job of teaching Tai Chi. I have practiced with Terry Dunn’s Tai Chi videos for many years now, after having first taken several Tai Chi classes under the direction of the great Master Abraham Liu. Terry’s verbal instructions are so easy to understand and his graceful movements so easy to follow. I would highly recommend Terry Dunn’s excellent Tai Chi videos to anyone who not only desires to learn Tai Chi but to also continue to practice this great and beautiful art throughout the coming years.



***** Really useful, February 14, 2008


Lanier Cordell "Author, Equinomics: The Secre... (Baton Rouge)

I bought this to help me with a T'ai Chi class I have been taking. The warm up will really get you warmed up. It is great. The on screen instructor, Terence Dunn does a terrific job of breaking each step down into easily understandable parts.
I realize that the creators of all exercise videos have a thing about the instructor facing the audience. The only problem is it is much easier to learn if the instructor is facing away from you and moving the same parts in the same direction. Then you don't have to turn thigns around in your mind while trying to figure out where your arms and legs need to go. Other than that one small problem, the fact that each step repeats automatically until you hit the play button to advance it is a great help, allowing you as many repetitions as necessary for you to fully understand the movement.
The only real problem I have is that I take a class in Yang long form, and this video has subtle differences in movements and sequence that may cause me to do the wrong thing during class. Of course I manage to do that anyway, so I can't really fault the video. All things considered I think it was a good purchase and I have already recommended it to many friends.

*****Excellent video of the Yang Long Form, November 10, 2005

***** more than others, July 14, 2007

Reviewer:  Daniel O. Oldfather (New Jersey, USA) -

This is better than other Tai Chi DVDs because it has extensive warm-up exercises plus teaches the long form exercise



***** Excellent, May 24, 2007

Reviewer:   Christopher J -

When it comes to martial arts and Tai Chi, good quality instructional books and films are very hard to come by, which is one of the reasons I'm so pleased with my purchase. I was particularly impressed with the details and depth that Terence Dunn covered - I'm used to seeing martial arts videos where you are just told how to do a particular technique in a very superficial, sometimes off-handed fashion.

Having said that, I always find it difficult learning a form from the TV, but the basics he covers are great Tai Chi fundamentals. They are a little different from Tai Chi basics I have learned from other masters in the past, but that's always the case with martial arts anyway. What makes it interesting is contrasting the similarities with the differences, and your own style becomes richer for the experience.


Reviewer: Chris J. Hudson "Chris Hudson" (San Antonio, TX, United States) - 

I have seen quite a few Tai Chi DVD's and this one is probably one of the best. There are plenty of videos of the so-called "Yang" short form (I prefer not to call it Yang, but instead the "Beijing 24 form"), but not many good videos of the Yang Long Form. This one is worth buying. The production quality of the video is very good and the descriptions are clear. You can repeat individual sections, which is helpful. Even though the title of the DVD includes the words "Tai Chi for Health", this is good traditional Taijiquan with martial application; not just flowery new age movements.



*****Great for Beginners like Me, August 5, 2005

Reviewer: J. Clifford "Tai Chi-cago" (Chicago) -

I just finished my 6th week and this duplicates just about everything I do in class. This is my 4th Tai Chi DVD and so far, this is the one that works best for me!



*****Excellent instruction video of this invigorating exercise, July 15, 2001

Reviewer: Ian Vance (pagosa springs CO.) -

[....] There are a couple mistakes in regards to left-right positioning (which are quickly rectified through continual practice) and the whole ‘mirror-movement’ is challenging—-at first. But for someone serious about learning the basics of Tai Chi Ch’uan, you really cannot go wrong here. You just need three things: enough space to practice (10’ by ’10 is optimum), enthusiasm, and patience.

Tai Chi Ch’uan, translated as ‘supreme ultimate boxing’, is an ancient Chinese exercise designed to maintain flexibility, increase mental awareness, and cultivate ‘Chi’, i.e. life force. Practice of this martial art strengthens the muscles of the entire body, limbers the joints, teaches one correct posture, balance and breathing, and gives the practitioner a calm ‘natural high’ far more subtle and rewarding than the usual methods (caffeine, sugar, alcohol). There are three ways to learn the art: through a certified instructor (the best), off a video such as this (also recommended), or from a book (not recommended at all). And among the video selection, Terry Dunn’s T’ai Chi for Health is among the very best.

The video begins with Terry practicing the Yang Long Form at dawn on a beach while a relaxed angle-American voice explains the basic concepts of Taoist philosophy and extols the benefits of long-term Tai Chi practice. Very classy. The meat of the video is in three sections: 1) the basic postures and warm-up stretches (30 minutes), 2) instruction of the 108 Yang Long Form movements (60 minutes), 3) additional exercises (15 minutes). A long conclusion showpiece has Terry practicing the entire form in a dimly lit studio.

The production and presentation of this video are top-notch. Terry Dunn is a calm and graceful teacher with a mellow, easy-on-the-ears voice; the atmospheric music by Vangelis compliments the forms very well. The philosophical concepts are presented in an understandable way for those not acquainted with Eastern thought. Though there are a few neglected areas, including the history of Tai Chi’s development (it originally begun as Dim-Mak, or ‘death-point striking’) and its sword forms, for those interested in increasing their health in a graceful, gentle way, I highly recommend this tape. I’ve been using it for five years and am _fully_ satisfied with the results.


***** The best out there!!, May 14, 2007

Reviewer:   C. Hamblin "Just one fish.." (NN, VA) -

This is by far the best long form dvd out there, between class and other DVD's, this is the most informative and easy to follow. I gave it a 4 only because of the really tricky way in which they show you the new move. It will only go on if you hit your remote control next or forward buttons. Which is kind of incovenient. if you want to just keep going. On the plus side you can see the move you are learning over and over again until you learn it. Get this and you won't be disappointed!



Reviewer:  B. Robinson "MEM'E" (CHESAPEAKE BEACH , MD USA) -



***** Great Tai Chi DVD for beginner and advanced, May 7, 2007

By  J. Jones (Tumwater, wa United States) -

Terry Dunn is a superb Tai Chi instructor. His DVD's are easy to follow and highly motivating. The exercises are viewed from several angles so you can copy the move very affectively. The warm-up exercises are very helpful in preventing pulled muscles. Great for beginners and the more advanced.


***** Hot Pick DVD, February 12, 2007

Reviewer:   Larry A. Paprotzki (Naples, Florida USA) -

I am new to the practice of Tai Chi and my Instructor recommended this DVD. I found it on I was pleased with how easy it was to set up an account and to purchase the item, more pleased that I received it through the U.S. mail even faster then I was told that it would take.

The DVD is of very good quality, the instructor Terry Dunn dose an excellent job of teaching this form of Tai Chi, He takes it step-by-step and with the controls on the DVD, it makes it easy and fun to study this technique. I recommend this product to anyone with an interest of practicing Tai Chi Yang Long Form. Excellent.


***** Can there be a better Video on T’ai Chi Chuan than this one?, September 9, 1999



About fifteen years ago, I bought a book on T’ai Chi at a Flea Market for $1.00 and threw it in with my collection ,promising myself that I would read it sooner or later. Five years ago I began,finally, to scan through it and I decided, for supplemental assistance, to purchase a T’ai Chi for Health video tape that demonstrated 20 forms which I practiced daily for about two years until I felt that I was ready to advance. I then began to read the book which showed 108 forms and I was forewarned that it would take a considerable amount of time to learn the movements. So, using visual imagery and practicing with focused determination, I was able to work up to #108 after months and months and months of studying the book. I am aware that one is advised to work with a trained instructor in order to derive the maximum benefits from T’ai Chi but I did not want to allow the lack of an instructor to deter my motivation. Recently,I purchased the video tape, T’ai Chi for Health: Yang Long Form (By Terence Dunn) and after sitting and watching it for two hours, I felt that I was there with him being instructed one-on-one. I felt that Mr. Dunn’s demonstration of the forms was excellent and that his vocal instructions and explanations were direct, succinct, and informative. To my surprise, I found that I had been following correct procedure, for the most part, and that I had only to smooth out some edges in order to present a reasonable picture of appearing to know what I was doing. From my perspective, this VHS Tape fulfills much in the quest of many who seek to be rooted through the art of T’ai Chi Chuan; it is a tremendous tool for the neophyte.



****Good video, November 17, 2005

Reviewer: magellan (Santa Clara, CA) -

I thought this was a very good video, but if you are interested in the long Yang form, this is the more modernized, wu shu version of it rather than the original Yang Chen Fu version, according to my instructor.

The video includes some tai chi warm-up exercises, and two presentations of the entire form. The first shows the moves step by step with the names and numbers of the move, with slight pauses in between. The second shows the entire form from beginning to end as one continuous, smooth performance.

One difference between this and the original Yang Cheng Fu form is the somewhat larger moves, or "large frame" aspect to the form. It follows almost the same sequence, though, except for some changes in several places in the form, especially at the beginning of the form, and in the middle of the second section, in the movements just before and after double wind to ears. Some of the moves are done a little differently, too, such as snake darts out tongue, wave hands like clouds, etc.

Also, Dunn does not keep the qua open (keeping the armpits open by one fist distance, or the arms away from the side of the body, which aids with balance through the waist and to the legs) which is an important internal principle. But overall Dunn has very nice, smooth, flowing form, exceptional balance (the ability to pause and hold the kicks), and I enjoyed his performance.

Overall I thought this was a well done video and found it useful in comparing what I do with some of the other Yang versions out there. I also have his short Yang form video and thought that was similarly well done.


*****the movements are more circular and stylized, October 11, 2000

*****My Favorite Tai-Chi Video, June 21, 2005

Reviewer: Dave Braun -

Out of the three Tai-Chi instructional videos I own this one is my favorite! You can learn Tai-Chi with this video, but you have to invest some time and effort. Nothing worth learning comes easy. I believe this video has received some unfair reviews, so I am giving it five stars. The quality of this video is excellent and it includes all 108 movements of the Yang long form. I just don't understand some of the reviews I've read. This is the BEST Tai-Chi instructional video I've seen. Thank you Terry Dunn!



****Good tai chi instruction, October 7, 2005

Reviewer: Donald F. Bradley -

A classic tai chi form is demonstrated in a well made video CD.



Reviewer: "shofar" (Kissimmee, Florida United States) -

This was about the third Tai Chi video that I had purchased and it was by far the superior of the three. Terrence Dunn's instruction is very graceful and artistic. The movements have been stylized to be more circular than the movements of other instructors that I had seen. After seeing the video I changed the way I was practicing the postures to more closely resemble the style on the video. By chance, I happened to meet a Chinese gentleman at work who had learned the Yang style long form in China and practiced it every morning. When I showed him a few of the postures that I had been practicing, he told me, "Your Tai Chi is perfect." Well, I suppose that he was just being polite, but I felt good that a serious practitioner did not immediately point out faults in what I was doing. I credit the video for any success I have had.


***** may be the last Tai Chi video you will need for a long time, August 29, 2000

Reviewer: "shofar" (Kissimmee, Florida United States) -

This was about the third Tai Chi video that I had purchased and it may be the last one I will need for a long while. Although a lot of folks are into Tai Chi as a martial art or for health reasons, I really got interested in it first for its beauty. Somewhere in my varied background is a little Chinese and I wanted to find some way to feel closer to my Chinese roots, so I guess I was really looking for some kind of Chinese art form. I had always favored the Chinese martial arts over the Japanese and Korean ones (sorry, I know I’m stepping on somebody’s toes) because they looked so much more fluid and not as choppy. And of course, more artistic looking.

After having learned the first sequence of the Yang style long form from another video, I changed all of the postures to look more like the ones Terrence Dunn demonstrates in this video. The moves are very rounded out and circular, and to me appear more artistic, which is what I wanted to achieve. A while back, I met a guy at work from China who practiced the Yang style long form every morning. I showed him a few of my postures and he said that they looked “perfect.” Well, he was probably just being courteous, but if someone of his caliber did not immediately notice something was wrong, I guess the tape can’t be all that bad. Wonderful demonstrations. I gladly recommend it.



****An overall GREAT video!, March 7, 2003

 Reviewer: A viewer

I would have given this video 5 stars but I do think for an absolute beginner, it is difficult to follow and there are some basic instructions missing. I took Kung Fu for about a year and am used to learning a 30, 40, 50+ step form. What this video is missing is an explanation as to how you should approach your Tai Chi training. If you've taken a martial art, Tai Chi itself or even ball room dancing, this is a great video.

For those who have not take any martial art etc, here is some advise. When you start to learn the form, realize it is going to take A VERY LONG TIME for you to be able to learn the entire form correctly. To start, learn the first 5-8 steps and then turn off the video. Keep practicing until you can do the steps without thinking about them. Go back to the video and do the next 5-8 steps. Then turn off the video and do all the steps you know until you do ALL of them automatically. Keep this up until you learn the whole form. This will take weeks if not months to perfect. It is possible to learn the form in a few days and be automatic in it within a week or two, but you've got to dedicate some serious hours to Tai Chi training.

All in all, a wonderful video that is easy to follow. Just take your time and be patient. Once you learn the form by heart, you can concentrate on the relaxation power of the form and less on remembering the sequence of maneuvers. Good Luck!!



****Very Encouraging for Beginners, May 23, 2001

Reviewer: Stephen Hill (Flagstaff, AZ United States) -

The reason I am buying this tape is that the one that I have been using from our library is completely worn out. This tape presents tai chi in a very non-threatening way and although Mr. Dunn does explain some of the spiritual aspects of the forms, one does not feel the need to convert to a new religion to enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi.



*****Excellent, March 13, 2005

Reviewer: J. Hurlow (Memphis) -

I purchased this, with much trepidation, based on one person's 5 star review BUT indeed this is a wonderful video. The music is very appropriate and peaceful, the instruction is clear enough for beginners but the instructor's expertise is clear and will provide learning for many, many hours to come, and the instructor is wonderful, no silly jokes that will get annoying, very to the point yet not dry, seems very genuine. I am very pleased.



*****Best Form Old Long Form, April 25, 2002

 Reviewer: A viewer

I saw this video a few years ago. I found it excellent in explanation of movement, balance and concentration, but could only do the warm-ups and follow the instructions for a few of the first forms. Since then I have studied with one of the "Old Chinese Masters" (as he calls himself) and have in turn become a Shifu of Yang Long Form. As a reference and reminder for practice, this video is excellent. It is best used as a reinforcement to personal instruction, as the narrator of Terry Dunn's video says. Next best would be use of a taijiquan manual such as Fu Zhongwen's "Mastering Yang Styles Taijiquan", along with this video to keep the correct North, South, East, West directions for turning in the forms. This video is a most excellent resource for any serious student of Taijiquan.



*****water, April 23, 2002

Reviewer: A viewer

Terry Dunn did a tremendous job of presenting the form. I have viewed others and found them to be not as exact as the long form or the short form.



*****Great video, March 9, 2001

 Reviewer: A viewer

I took T'ai Chi years some 20 years ago so I remembered a few postures, but never had I seen the form demonstrated with such precise, fluid execution. You may need to view the video several times to get your bearings straight, but it's the best you can hope for from a self-instruction video. Terry's an excellent practitioner of the art. That's worth a lot more than an alternative video with better verbal instructions, but poor balance, weight transfer, posture and breath. I highly recommend this video.

After that, it's up to you to practice.


*****Well Done, February 19, 2000

Reviewer: "kevin1013" (Morrow, OH USA) -

I found this to be a very informative and easy to follow video. The two views of the postures were quite helpful in getting the foot positions down correctly. The fact that Terrence performs the postures facing the camera seems to make it difficult to follow at first but, This is the only way to show the hand and arm movements properly. Overall very impressive and if I wear this copy of the tape out, I will buy another.


*****Dont leave me "YANGin", February 3, 2000

Reviewer: spencerbaker1970 (Athens, GA, USA) -

GREAT video. It's tough having to face away from the TV to parallel what Terence is doing, but even the warm-up is fantastic for building leg strength and helping beginner to learn to shift weight and rotate waist in one movement. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


*****Energy, flexibility and balance, February 5, 2000

 Reviewer: A viewer

This tape was my first experience with Tai Chi, and I was truly amazed that within 48 hours I noticed a difference in breathing, posture and comfort - no more stiff backs in the morning. Terrence Dunn is an excellent teacher, soothing and smooth, but clear in all his instructions. It is easy to get confused by the right/left instructions - if you are facing the TV, you must always move in the opposite direction and that is hard at first. I highly recommend this video, but be careful if you are not in shape - the warm-up alone is enough for the first few sessions.


****Step by Step, December 10, 1999

Reviewer: Steve C. Yabut "Paclimer" (PA USA) -

I didn't find this video hard to follow if you just turned around and had the TV at you back then you could follow along just fine. You would be facing the same way as the instructor. The video also shows the difficult moves from another angle for clarity. The step by step with the names of the moves displayed helped when rewinding and doing the moves over. The instructor does a final complete demonstration of the long form without pausing and I dislike the close ups because I couldn't see his feet. The free music tape is really just a sampler and much too short to complete the whole form without stopping.



*****MARVELOUS!, May 15, 1999

 Reviewer: A viewer

I have been practicing Tai Chi informally for 15 years, and wanted to learn the Long Form. This video helped me a great deal, particularly with posture and form. I would definitely recommend this video!



*****the best, May 25, 1999

 Reviewer: A viewer

Terry Dunn's form is excellent! His movement is extremely fluid. If you can stay with the lifetime commitment required by T'ai Chi, I think this video could be a fine complement to a personal instructor.


*****Excellent demonstration in slow motion and regular speed, March 15, 1999

 Reviewer: A viewer

This vidio seems professionally done. I was very happy with the full demo in regular speed and then the instructor also took you through each motion slowly and with verbal detailed instruction. Highly recommend for the person who has no or little access to classroom instruction!



***** Best Tai Chi Video!

Reviewer:  Master P (Connecticut) -

This is the best Tai Chi video on the market. I've been studying martial arts for 16 years and this is the 1st Tai Chi video that I have seen that teaches the correct form move for move. Excellent video for learning this form.



*****I practice from the Yang Style Short Form (Daily), December 5, 1998

Reviewer: D. Nishimoto "Golden Lion - Listen Software Solutions" (North Ogden, Ut United States) -

I follow the Tai Chi Yang Style Short form - daily! Whether I'm practicing in the morning or evening the video tape is extremely valuable. For the past, three years, I've used the tape to supplement my training. As a beginner, I learned the stances, hand positions, and footwork; as an intermediate student - I studied the flow; and as an advancing student - I'm studying the energy and weight distribution. The refinement level demonstrated in the tape makes it the best Tai Chi video, of its type. Simple, comprehensive, and repeatable. Join me in health by practicing Tai Chi daily.


****Excellent instruction and easy to follow., November 28, 1998

 Reviewer: A viewer

I was impressed with Terry and the way he taught. There is warm up and then full instruction on the long form (Yang style.) I am practicing Wu style now but wanted to see variations in styles. I recommend this tape for any style of Tai Chi.



(Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Chi Meditations)

Wonderful, very intense, tons of material. Videos are an absolute need to continue. --John Wiik, St. Paul, MN

Your videos are remarkable. The effects I could feel right away in terms of increased energy were amazing and wonderful. I'm very glad I took the course. --Karen Duran, Minnneapolis, MN

Superb. I've used Terry Dunn's (t'ai chi) tapes for years as a supplement to my practice. I plan on using his chi kung tapes the same way. --Don Arenz, Iowa City, IA

Dear Mr. Dunn,

I've just got to write. The quality of your Flying Phoenix Heavenly healing Chi Meditation is just great. Your production values are head and shoulders above so-called instructional tapes. I purchased the three tape set approximately in Ocotober of 1994. After some sorting out and trial and error I am concentrating on tape #3. I practiced the set many, many times and each time i see something new. Als you offer other tapes but I have not even learned tape 3 in depth. I must have 30 to 35 martial arts tapes and dozens of books on martial arts and chi kung. Plus I have taken chi kung seminars in Shanghai, China. Also I have not fully scratched the surface of tapes #1 and #2.

The quality, content and clarity of instruction are above anything I have experienced through any other means including two kung-fu schools and other tapes.

The bottom line is that I am one happy and healthy 54-year-old from practicing your instruction. My sincerest thanks. May Buddha Bless You. --David Bent, Washington Grove, MD

Dear Terry,

There's chi kung and there's chi kung; and then there's the Flying Phoenix system. I cannot believe you put something as powerful and fast-acting as the Flying Phoenix Meditations on video. Publishing this incredible--and I dare say sacred--art on video shows your true generosity as a teacher. Again I'm amazed that you've broken with tradition and made this true health treasure available to all. Thank you so much. Best regards. --Paris Snyder, Santa Monica, CA

Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 16:22:39 -0600

From: "Martin" <>

Dear Mr. Dunn, I've been doing the first volume of the Flying Phoenix system since last June and I've found that it's very concentrated. I really didn't understand what Chi Kung was until I started doing the Flying Phoenix system. (Of course I realize I'm an early beginner and have a very lot to learn.) Thank you for your time and for the gift of your teaching.


Martin Whitman, Nashville, Tennessee



Review of Chi Kung For Health, Vols 1-3, by Tolala Towler, Editor of Empty Vessel, Journal of Contemporary Taoism:

This video series by the well known qigong instructor, Terry Dunn, takes you step by step through the Flying Phoenix Heavenly healing Chi Meditations, a part of the martial, White Tiger Kung-fu, which was attributed to the Taoist monk Feng Do Duk, a legendary healer from Ehrmei Mountain in Szechuan province. He passed on the art to the ancestors of the Doo family in 1644.

As in most complete qigong schools, which usually include a standing, a sitting as well as moving forms, this series includes three volumes. The first, called Seven Standing Exercises, consists of seven standing meditations, each with distinct postures and breathing patterns. the video includes side views and panels explaining the breathing patterns and allowing us to view Terry's movements from different angles. It is said in the qigong world that to build qi you need to do standing meditation. Here we can learn seven different ways to do that.

In the second volume, called Ten Seated meditations, we are taught ten different seated meditations, again using various hand and body postures with poetic names such as Monk Holding the Pearl, Willow Leaf Palm, Wind Above the Clouds and Monk Gazing At the Moon.

We are taught basic breathing for meditation and then led slowly through various hand and body postures. The first four can be done singly for at least five minutes. The last six should be done sequentially in sets of seven repetitions for each exercise.

Volume Three is called Advanced Long Form Exercise and teaches a twenty-minute moving form. Building on what we learned in Volume One of the standing exercises, we ar led through this simple yet powerful qigong form. Terry guides us through the form in several creative ways, using different angles, including an overhead, so that we may view the movements from every way.

Because of the great interest in qigong in the West, it is important to have available bona fide teachings by bonafide teachers. Too often students end up learning a little bit of this form and a little bit of another, while never learning any complete system. This series is a good example of a serious and gifted instructor who offers a complete system of qigong to the serious student.






44 of 44 people found the following review helpful:

***** Invigorating and energizing meditative exercise. , March 5, 2006

Reviewer:    N. Flattes "Worldly Trader" (Boston,MA) -

This DVD instruction on Chi Kung standing meditations is excellent. It is a high quality presentation that is expertly done. The demonstration and instruction are easy to see and understand. It is a more demanding workout than it may appear at first glance, but it is well worth it. I highly recommended this DVD to anyone looking for a set Chi Kung exercises that are demanding without being strenuous. It is clear and easy to understand set of meditations that is well worth the price. It is also a good introduction to Chi Kung exercises.

However, this is not a dynamic workout, and the movements are slow and tranquil. The background music is also a soft easy going set of new age tunes, and this is not an exercise set for someone looking for a fast and high paced workout.

It is a calming and relaxing series of exercises that is soothing and meditative. It is also a fun set of exercises that are invigorating and relaxing without being too demanding and strenuous.


30 of 30 people found the following review helpful:

***** Easy-to-follow and effective, December 17, 2005

Reviewer:  Dan H. Miller (Houston, TX USA) -

I have found these Chi Kung exercises easy-to-follow and very effective at increasing an awareness of chi and its flow. Terry's explanations and demonstrations are very clear, and he takes the instruction at a nice, leisurely pace. The production of the DVD is excellent, also.

Chi Kung is much easier to learn from a video, than Tai Chi, and produces benefits quickly.

The only addition to Terry's instruction that I would like to have seen is something about the more "esoteric" elements of the movements. For example, when your hands pass near certain areas of the body, you are bringing fresh chi into those areas, in effect recharging them with energy, or redistributing energy. However, this is something you can intuit when you become adept at the movements.

To help with learning the relationship between chi kung movements and this "recharging" with chi, I would recommend Wen-Mei Yu's book on chi kung. Studying this book will give you a good "feel" for how movements recharge the body with chi.

All in all, Terry's are the best chi kung video/DVDs I have seen.


12 of 12 people found the following review helpful:

***** Highly Recommended, December 16, 2006

Reviewer:    Four Tusk Njoku "Njoku" (Philadelphia, USA) -

These videos are the product of up to a decade and a half of refinement and are still the best on the subject. I have been practicing chi kung using Terence Dunn's flying phoenix system since 1994. At that time they were on VHS and difficult to navigate. He has now delivered them on DVD. The benefits are palpable and powerful from the first day of practice. To obtain maximum benefits, one has to be conscious, consistent and conscientious.

It is a science, because the results are reproducible. You will have results if you practice. You do not have to believe anything. Just follow the instructions. About the reviewer who wants more active movements, I urge him to be patient. Master this first basic series. It is the foundation for the other videos. The piece de resistance is the 20 minute long form meditation, which is quite complex in its movements and very powerful in its effects. I expect Mr Dunn is rendering that into DVD about now.

This series is probably all the chi kung that the majority of people would need.


35 of 42 people found the following review helpful:

*** Calming, but slow for those with low attention span, February 3, 2006

Reviewer:    Lena, LMT "" (Nassau, NY) -

These meditations are about 50 min with 10 min intro & slow, Qi Gong warm-up made with some of the fundamental movements & postures.

All movements are done standing or in a small horse stance which should not be hard on anyone even with limited mobility as long as they can stand normally.

There are only 2 movements one of which is "Monk gazing at moon" that your arms move at all & the last one, "Wind above the clouds" which includes mild stretching down to one foot at a time.

All other movements are held still for 5 min though he encourages you to hold it longer on your own.

All movements proceed with breathing beforehand such as inhaling, exhaling only 50% then only 30% then only 10% with normal inhale/exhaling in between each modified exhale. They do feel good, helping you to breath deeper into your belly for better oxygen like babies do.

Any movements are also done super slow, slower then even most Qi Gong dvds I own.

I did feel calmer doing it, but since my mind is always racing, I had trouble holding the postures & sitting still. Other people may not have as much trouble & get more out of it then me. I like other Qi Gong where there are more arm movements to keep my mind occupied.

The background nature is beautiful to see and adds calming effect to the mind as well. Terrence Dunn does have great energy and this a beautifully done dvd.


8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

***** beginner, November 1, 2006

Reviewer:    M. Hafner (usa) - See all my reviews 

Very well presented and easy to follow I started practicing tai chi using his dvd for the yang long form and liked it so much I decided to try the chi kung. I workout regularly with tae-bo and low/high impact aerobics and found the tai chi and chi kung a perfect compliment. the music and the way he instructs are calming and informative enough to give you background to appreciate what your doing.


5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

*****Put an end to my insomnia, June 24, 2008

Reviewer:    Sanghoon Lee (Minneapolis, MN United States) -

I had been suffering from insomnia for more than 2 years. I often spent 3 to 4 hours just trying to fall asleep. I tried many things - running, weight training, different types of yogas. All of them worked somewhat but their effects did not last long. I first tried this DVD last January and the insomnia stopped on the first day. After six months the insomnia did not come back and I feel better in every aspect of my life.

The exercises here are quite strenuous at first but become easier as you accumulate more energy. This DVD shares some similarity with Zhan Zhuang standing meditation. Reading "The Way of Energy" by Lam Kam-Chuen and doing some basic exercises there helped me do exercises in this DVD better.

Help other customers find the most helpful reviews 


20 of 28 people found the following review helpful:

***** Exercises designed to release tension & promote mind-body harmony, July 25, 2005

Reviewer:    Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) -

From the creator of "T'ai Chi for Health", Chi Kung For Health is a DVD that introduces the viewer to Chinese healing art of "energy exercise", Chi Kung (also known as qigong), that stimulates the body's innate natural energy to promote health, vitality, and longevity. Instructor Terence Dunn, who has more than 30 years of experience in the Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Meditation discipline of Chi Kung developed over 400 years ago, guides the viewer through exercises designed to release tension, promote mind-body harmony, and encourage the fullness of energy. In Chi Kung For Health, viewers learn five basic standing meditations: Monk Holding Pearl, Monk Gazing At Moon, Monk Holding Peach, Bending the Bows, and Wind Above the Clouds. A highly welcome and recommended introduction and supplement to martial arts, yoga, exercise and health regimens, encouraging tranquility, balance, and flexibility in the practitioner. 58 minutes, color.



***** A unique system for good Health, October 31, 2008

Reviewer:     Tom Murphy "Tom Murphy" (Naples, Florida) - See all my reviews

Maintaining my health and fitness is important to me. Fortunately, I found "Chi Kung for Health, Volume I", with Terence Dunn. The exercises are not complicated and do not require postures that are difficult to maintain. Initially, I was skeptical of the stated health benefits of "Chi Kung for Health, Vol I". But after 2 weeks of daily practice, I did experience a natural boost of energy. Now when I exercise I find that I have a reserve of energy and more stamina. I highly recommend "Chi Kung for Health, Vol I" with Terence Dunn.



24 of 25 people found the following review helpful:

***** Great Calming DVD!, September 3, 2006

Reviewer:    J. Kirby "love to create" (VT USA) -

I think this is a great DVD. It moves very slowly. It is very calming. Because it is seated, most people could do the movements. My arms did feel sore the first few days but then I got used to it very quickly. And I always felt so much more grounded afterwards.


16 of 16 people found the following review helpful:

***** Flying Phoenix Chi Kung, February 23, 2007

Reviewer:   Tony "James" (Greenville, SC. USA) -

This is by far the best presentation of this Taoist set of exercises and although seemingly simple to practice they have good effect. Definitely recommend most of Terry Dunn's productions which are professional and easy to follow especially if a teacher is not accessible from where you live.


8 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

**** Lovely Meditations, July 2, 2007

Reviewer:    Satia Renee Testman "satia" (Altanta GA USA) -

I was given one of the dvds in this series as a gift and enjoyed the slow practice very much. Due to chronic vertigo, it is not always easy for me to find a practice that is comfortable for me and does not exacerbate my condition so when I saw this dvd of seated meditations I was eager to add it to my collection. On days when my vertigo is causing me problems, I will happily pop this dvd in and work through the meditation practices. A lovely and perfect addition to my personal practice.


17 of 18 people found the following review helpful:

***** Good instruction and routine on qigong, meditation, and breathwork., July 8, 2007

Reviewer:   kat "yogaKat" (Oregon United States) -

(TOP 100 REVIEWER)     

Overall this is a very good Qigong (aka Chi Kung) DVD. You get 6 seated meditations. There are three basic seated mediations and 3 "monk serves wine" mediations. They are all seated and utilize breath control with the Chi Kung arm movement. You will start each of the mediations on the DVD with 3 deep breaths, then a sequence of differing percentage of lung capacity exhales, then the qigong practice. There is also a cute intro from zen-bear ;O)

I have been looking for a seated qigong after practicing standing qigong for a bit of time. Terence Dunn is a very good instructor and the DVD is well worth the money. The background music is very mellow, but I am not sure where the desert-like back ground is filmed. Does anyone know? It is very well chaptered and you get clips from other DVD in the menu interface.


***** Chi Kung for health: six seated meditations, November 1, 2008

Reviewer:    Soonok Gulish (usa) - See all my reviews

I have been practicing yoga and meditation for a few years. This six seated meditations enhanced sensitivity to my energy body. I highly recommend this dvd for someone who wants to learn meditation.



19 of 19 people found the following review helpful:

***** The Best Chi Kung Teacher, February 11, 2007

By          Four Tusk Njoku "Njoku" (Philadelphia, USA) -

Terence Dunn is the best Chi Kung teacher on media. I have tried other tapes and DVDs over the years, but still come back to Mr Dunn. He is clear, precise and has a calming demeanour. I have yet to take one of his classes personally, but I do not expect him to be any different in person. If you want to learn Chi Kung from a tape or DVD, this is it. The DVDs including this one have a lot of features which allow you to customize your lessons.

This particular DVD is the third in the series. They are standing exercises. Part I consists of basic standing exercises and Part 2 of basic seating exercises. This one, Part 3 assumes that you have mastered Parts 1 and 2. The energy builds upon ground covered by Parts 1 and 2. The choreography in these two exercises are a lot more complex. Once you have mastered the movements, you are supposed to perform them with eyes closed, after some breathing sequences.

If you perform them regularly, at some point the subconscious mind appears to take over as your consciousness enters into a brown study, and you can actually feel the surging rivers of healing and thrilling chi in the body. You do not do the exercises necessarily looking to feel the chi. Just pay attention to doing them correctly. That will come. Undoubtedly it will come.


11 of 12 people found the following review helpful:

***** Chi Kung for Health- Two Standing Meditations, June 29, 2006

Reviewer:    S. Gharda-ward MD - See all my reviews

Terrence Dunn and The Flying Phoenix Chi Kung is the best program that I have encountered for learning Chi Kung on your own. I have bought many other DVDs on the subject but none as helpful and easy to implement in your life. All his DVDs are excellent. I use this DVD for daily practice with my staff and patients.



*****Just Do It, May 11, 2007

Reviewer:     Four Tusk Njoku "Njoku" (Philadelphia, USA) -

I could have given it 4 stars for still being in DVD. First, this is a superlatively beautiful form to watch and to perform. Secondly, this is an advanced practice. It would take most people at least 6 months of regular practice going through the first three phases of this practice to develop the skills to take on Volume 4. It takes a special commitment and perhaps that is not you and it is definitely not most people, so I have found. I give out Part One of Chi Kung For Health ( Qi Gong ) - Five Standing Meditations of this practice to everyone I know, and about 20% of them take it up and they are most grateful.

This is a great practice for body, mind and spirit. It is holy; it is healthful; it is scientific. Yet, there are no words. Just do the movements, memorize the movements, do the breathing exercises before. Do not argue, do not think. Just do, and you will see results. How did the ancient Chinese discover this?

I discovered Terry Dunn's series about 12years ago. They were then on clunky VHS, very hazy looking tape (he called them poor production values), but his instruction was just as detail oriented and precise. His voice was just as calming and the taiji background music, he still uses. This tape is much better than the first and the second editions, but it really needs to make it into DVD with all the great navigation.

But, get Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 and this. You will get to know your body and mind like the back of your hand and have access to reserves of energy. You will radiate it like the sun to others around you. Chi Kung for Health ( Qi Gong ) - Six Seated Meditations Chi Kung for Health ( Qi Gong ) - Two Standing Meditations



Outstanding. On a scale of 1-10, I score it a 12+!! Extremely informative, practical and significantly energizing. --Dr. Gordon Mayfield, Madison, WI

I can already feel the benefits and am inspired to do more. It can be a meaningful process in my life as long as I practice. I have very skilled tools to do that now. --Pat Nolan, Wabasha, MN

Just excellent. Terry's emersion in the subject is obvious. A pleasure and privilege to study with him. --Dr. Gene M. Gudmundson, White Sulphur Springs, MT

Very Good. As a new comer to chi kung, I found the instruction very easy to follow and felt the effects immediately. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. -- J. Lloyd Blackwell, Grand Forks, ND

Hi Terry,

I really appreciated the Flying Phoenix class you taught in May in Minneapolis. I am impressed with the results so far. I had worked on your tapes before the class and found the class very interesting and am loving the extra insight to Flying Phoenix. By practicing the seated meditations or standing exercises, I have noticed a tremendous increase in my energy level and health. The increase is more marked with the seated exercises. The exercises just seemed to bring all my other training together and strengthen them. It was a real find for me...just what I was looking for. --Bruce E. Olson, Vernon Hills, Illinois

Dear Terry,

Thanks again for coming to St. Paul and teaching the Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditations. As a novice when it comes to the field of Chi-Kung, I wondered if everything would be over my head. What I experienced was a workshop that was very accessible. Even though my mind and body wavered at times, I really enjoyed the intense work and I'm glad you were able to teach everything on your videos. At the workshop I began to experience some of the benefits that go along with the meditations and I know in the years to come the healing benefits will increase. I would like to wish you well with the Flying Phoneix workshops, Terry. I would recommend it to anyone interested in healing mind, body, soul, and spirit. --David Berglin, Duluth, MN

Outstanding in most respects, well worth the time, travel and money invested--all kinds of cool stuff to work on. -- James Boelter, Omaha, NE

This weekend has been the beginning of my life long journey and has affected me profoundly. Thank you for making this system of chi kung available. -- Jim Margis, River Falls, WI


Bravo! Your "Flying Phoenix Heavenly healing Meditations" weekend workshop in St. Paul was superb! I believe that these Chi Kung exercises will prove invaluable for helping me balance and cultivate my energy. You have a real gift as a teacher, as evidenced by a thorough knowledge of the art, and the ability to transmit the material to your students. I plan to order your videotapes on the Meditations, as a reference for my practice. Thanks, again. --Dennis N. Heinke, Family Psychotherapist and t'ai chi ch'uan teacher, Appleton, Wisconsin.

Dear Mr. Dunn,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you doing the Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditations seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and went away feeling as if I just found a buried treasure. These were three of the most profound days of my life. The series of Flying Phoenix meditations you taught were extremely powerful and yielded immediate benefits. The sensation of energy being cultivated and moving through my body after such a short period of time is very exciting.

This system of chi kung is of universal benefit and I hope people in the health and martial arts professions realize its tremendous value. They too will surely benefit by adding it to their current practices. I will continue to utilize these exercises for my own health and well being as well as the benefit of my staff and students downt he road. I know they will be just as excited as myself when they exprience the benefits of this powerful system.

I feel very fortunate to have been at the seminar and received so much benefit from your teaching and this system of energy cultivation. It was a truly a pleasure learning from you and I can't thank you enough for this gift of knowledge. It really is a treasure.

Sincerely and Gratefully,
Mark Goblowsky, President/Chief Instructor
American Academies fo Martial Arts, Inc., Bellevue, Nebraska


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