The Flying Phoenix Heavenly
Healing Chi Meditations

The Chi Kung For Health video series teaches the Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditations, an extraordinary medical chi kung (qigong) system that promotes healing and rejuvenation, bolsters immunity--thereby extending longevity, and ultimately imparts profound healing ability in the practitioner. Developed in China more than 600 years ago, the Flying Phoenix system is the healing complement of a martial art called "Bok Fu Pai" or White Tiger Style () of Kung-Fu, a renowned school of southern Chinese boxing. It is attributed to the legendary Taoist Monk Feng Tao Teh () who developed the art in western China at Ehrmei Mountain () in Szechuan Province. The oral tradition tells of Feng Tao Teh travelling much of his life throughout China and the western frontier, including Tibet, exploring and absorbing vast amounts of knowledge in the martial, yogic, and healing arts, and then creating a powerful distilled system known as the White Tiger School of Kung-fu. Among Qigong masters, there is some consensus that Qigong methods developed within martial art traditions are more powerful than medical Qigong because they were created under the most demanding pressures of survival under conflict--except for those Qigong systems which originated in Taoist and Buddhist monastic traditions.

The Flying Phoenix meditations is just such a powerful health-giving system--regulating mind, body and breath in sublime harmony with macrocosmic energy flows. Each meditation consists of an esoteric breath-control sequence performed in a classical qigong posture followed by a simple pattern of gentle, natural movements done at a very slow speed. The Flying Phoenix breathing formulas ignite a particular healing form of internal energy; the posture and movements circulate this healing energy through the entire body through varying pathways. A universal effect is that the practictioner rather quickly--if not immediately--experiences the tangible cultivation of this healing energy and its permeation throughout the entire body.

Practice of Flying Phoenix Qigong exercises a very high level of visualization, which is a particularly important mode of intelligence. Visualization is a fine, creative faculty that solves problems by forming an accurate mental picture of a situation, seeing it from many points of view and creating the best solution--all in an instant. While a natural gift born to some artists, geniuses and children, visualization is painstakingly developed by most people focussed in their respective arts, sciences, and labors. Visualization can be accelerated and enhanced through the supreme focus exercise that is Qigong. Visualization is neither time-bound nor space-bound, but is timeless and infinite in its perception, and creative power to restructure reality. For thousands of years, it has been a prime focus and benefit of Qigong:

The vitalities of heaven and earth, sun and moon,
Are fundamentally inherent in our bodies.
If reality and consciousness do not stray from each other, Creation is always in the palm of your hand.

-- Chang Po-Tuan

"Visualization without visualization"-- The visualization method of the Flying Phoenix Qigong system, however, is unlike that of any other Qigong or Chinese or Indian meditation system known by this author. The visualization process exercised by the Flying Phoenix exercises does not involve the conscious mental imaging or meditative concentration on any particular mental picture, icon, character, celestial body, diety, alchemic design, physiological function, interior landscape, or symbol of any kind. Rather, it is passively induced and sustained by the combination of (1) each exercise's unique breath control sequence, (2) correct shape-form-posture(xing), and (3) extremely slow and relaxed movements at a speed typically three-times slower than Tai Chi form speed--at a speed that Terry Dunn tells his students approaches "the speed of a shifting sand dune." Since meditative concentration is only focussed on correct posture and slow natural movements, once these two aspects are in play, the practitioner's mind can be focussed on anything and each and everyone of the Flying Phoenix exercises will still impart its specific energizing and rejuvenating effects to the fullest.

Considerably easier to learn and practice than T'ai Chi Ch'uan, the Flying Phoenix Meditations are an ideal central practice for beginners and adepts seeking health and longevity because they are effective and fast-acting, and can be practiced without the supervision of a Qigong master. Practice of the Flying Phoenix Qigong not only fosters good health, but provides an invaluable ground of experience that will enhance one's experience and understanding of any form of yoga, meditation, or internal martial art.

Enjoying the tangible health benefits of Flying Phoenix Qigong does not require subscribing to any eastern philosophy or belief system--but requires only regular practice. The sublime and salient benefits of Flying Phoenix practice are repeatable and verifiable, and makes this Qigong method as much a proven science as it is a yogic art. Regular practice of just 15 to 20 minutes per day creates a super-abundance of the distinctive (and unmistakable) Flying Phoenix healing energy (qi) that besides inducing the deepest calm, comfort and relaxation on a cellular level, also transforms human consciousness by integrating mind and body to such a high level of "structural sensitivity" that physical existence can be experienced as an energy process continuous with all life. For thousands of years in Asian and Near Eastern cultures, high yogas such as the Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Chi Meditations have been used to promote perfect health in the process of conditioning and empowering the practitioner to maintain this samadhic state--and experience the ever-present reality of union within form.

Flying Phoenix Qigong practitioners unanimously exclaim that they cannot believe that a human being could have actually created this sublime meditative discipline. Never has such an elegant, sophisticated and advanced system of medical chi kung been published in its entirety outside the Chinese oral tradition. This is because the energy cultivated by the Flying Phoenix system is a purely healing chi and thus the Chinese tradition of secrecy that normally cloaks advanced martial qigong methods was relaxed by the last grandmaster of the White Tiger School when he allowed Terence Dunn to publish the Flying Phoenix breathing formulas in book and video form.

Modern publications on Qigong describe postures or movements plus perhaps visualization techniques to induce chi flow, but do not provide the esoteric breathing methods and formulas that are at the core of all high yogas. The gentle movements in natural postures of the Flying Phoenix system by themselves are effective means of inducing chi flow. But when they are coupled with the the unique Flying Phoenix breath-control sequences (as revealed in the Chi Kung For Health DVD programs), the healing and rejuvenating effects are sublime, dramatically tangible and profoundly supermundane--that is, so deeply penetrating and yet soothing that they surpass normal human corporeal experiences and induce transcendent meditative states of consciousness. With the very first breath of the Flying Phoenix exercises, practitioners will discover the profound truth behind this art's illustrious and transcendental name.


You can learn this wonderful and remarkable system of Qigong with Chi Kung For Health dvd series by Terence Dunn.

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©2003 T. Dunn

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